Audit and Quality Control

A monitoring role (audit and control) to ensure that mining industries are managed in conditions of optimum economic returns while protecting the health of workers, the public and the environment
This monitoring role is reflected in the various audits and presence in the production sites of our representatives who follow in real time the activities of companies.



The exploitation of monthly reports of mining companies
Regularly, mining companies send their activity reports involving technical aspects (mines, processing plants, maintenance, geology etc ...), Human Resources and the safety and the environment.
The monitoring service of mining activities (MASC) made an analysis of these reports focusing on key performance indicators. It also feeds the database with technical data.
The exploitation of the stock of mining companies
The shareholder expects SOPAMIN through the diagnostic below to firstly an analysis of the contributions of mining companies to the state revenue and secondly the profitability of companies and their financing and operating structures. Therefore the key points of our analysis are:
  • Analysis of revenues correlated with the Niger State prices
  • economic risk of exploitation
  • the financial and economic returns
Participation with experts who are committed, in case of need, to audits of mining companies
In addition to regular monitoring by the services of the SOPAMIN, timely and sharp audits are undertaken by external experts. These audits may concerned:
  • Financial audit (eg that achieved by BOSWEL)
  • Environmental audit (currently with ABDOU MOUMOUNI University)
  • Audit of production processes and organizations
  • ... etc
The control of the use of the provision for diversification of resources
  • Supporting analysis presented by mining companies and determination of their conformity
  • Analysis Report Writing
  • Returns mining companies in the event of malfunctions recorded
  • Information at the Ministry of Mining and Industrial Development
  • The SOPAMIN aims of proposals. It has already made a proposal to mining companies to improve the use and management of this provision
SOPAMIN created field engineering positions for close control of mining sites through the missions it -after:
  • Help give more visibility on governance within mining companies.
  • Tracing the SOPAMIN technical and financial data necessary for decision making to maximize the profitability of mining companies
  • Analysis and reassembled HSE data

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