The mineral resources sector in Niger presents a multitude of opportunities for exploration and mining companies.
Mining research, started half a century ago in Niger, has led to the discovery of geological deposits throughout the country. In total, some 150 mineral indexes and deposits have been recorded throughout the national territory.
The first discoveries date from 1959 with the uranium deposits at Azelik and Abakorum. Madaouela in 1963, followed by Arlette, Ariège, Artois, Taza, Tamou and Takriza in 1965,
Imouraren in 1966, Akouta in 1967, and Ebala in 1972.
The four main metallophone provinces are:
AIR (gold, tin, coltan, copper, vanadium, titanium and precious stones, uranium), Liptako
(Gold, silver, platinum, nickel, lithium, lead, zinc, copper, molybdenum, manganese, vanadium, chromium), South Maradi and Damagaram
-Monio (gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc) and the Illumenden basins (uranium, coal, gypsum, limestone, salt, phosphates, iron, copper, silver).
Our social mandates require us to act as facilitator and custodian of the interests of the State in mining projects in Niger. We have come a long way since 1959.
With the growth of opportunities across the mining basins in Niger, we look forward to welcoming even more major exploration companies over the next ten years and beyond.