Message from the CEO

It is with real pleasure and immense joy that I welcome the inauguration of this website through which the SOPAMIN will make itself known and thus open to the world of exchanges.
This portal will allow you to discover some of the mining potentialities of Niger as well as the opportunities for investment and fruitful partnership available to you and us.
That said, I would like to point out that, beyond its traditional activities of managing Niger's shareholdings in mining companies, SOPAMIN S.A. has for several years undergone a process of diversifying its missions.
In so doing, it has evolved from a management company to an investment company.
This evolution naturally leads to the exploitation of the immense and diverse mining and extractive resources of which Niger is overwhelmed and which our people so desperately need to promote employment and eradicate poverty.
This recall is a necessity that defines the SOPAMIN S.A. as a vector of development of the mining and extractive industries.
In addition, it presents the many opportunities for investment and fruitful partnership offered to domestic and foreign investors who may be interested.
Finally, I invite you to regularly visit our website to be informed of the activities of SOPAMIN SA.
God helps Niger more.