Mahamadou Zada, Chief Executive Officer
Mahamadou Zada ​​has been managing the SOPAMIN since September 2013. He has more than X years of experience in the hydrocarbon sector. He worked as a
Commercial Director at the Nigerian Petroleum Products Company (SONIDEP) before embarking on the policy in _____ where he was elected National Deputy for the Region of Dosso.
(He is also) is well known for his humanitarian actions for the benefit of Nigerian populations.
During his tenure at the National Assembly, he donated all his income to the Regional Hospital of Dosso, helping to facilitate access to care for the poor.
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Massaoudou Abdoul Rahimoune, Comptroller General
Massaoudou is Controller General at SOPAMIN since January 2013.
He has extensive experience in financial management and has held high-level positions within SOPAMIN and its subsidiaries.
Massaoudou worked for X years as Auditor before joining SOPAMIN in 2009.
His experience covers a wide range of skills, including revenue management, mining project appraisal, risk analysis, commodity trading, mining logistics and mining contract negotiations.
He holds a Masters Degree in Economic Sciences (Abdou Moumouni University, Niger) and a DESSS in Audit and Management Control (CESAG). He has also received training courses at the University of Sydney (Australia) and the Ecole des Mines de Paris. Massaoudou is fluent in French and English.
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Abdourazakou Moumouni
-Director of Evaluation and Control
Abdourazakou is a mining engineer with solid experience in monitoring and tracking mining operations. He brings extensive experience to SOPAMIN, having worked on most of the mines in Niger where he held several management positions. He was recently General Manager of the Société des Mines de
Liptako and NCK, a new cement factory. He also held technical positions in SOMAÏR before joining SOPAMIN in 2013.
Abdourazakou studied at the Ecole des Mines du Niger (EMIG) and undertook several continuing education programs in the fields of sustainable development, exploration and exploitation of resources, processing of minerals in France (Mines Paris Tech) And in Canada (Université de Laval).
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Ibrahim Moussa Gros, Commercial Director
Ibrahim holds a Master's Degree in Economics and Community Development (Arkansas University).
He joined the management team of SOPAMIN in 2012,
Occupies mainly the marketing of Niger's share in mining operations.
Prior to his position at SOPAMIN, Ibrahim worked at the MCA-Niger Coordination Unit
(Millennium Challenge Account) where he held the post of
Responsible for the Business Creation and Business Climate Improvement component. He began his career as a Project Analyst at Entergy Corporation in Arkansas, USA.
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Yahaya Hachimou,
Financial director
Hachimou brings more than eleven years of financial management experience to SOPAMIN.
Prior to joining SOPAMIN in 2013, he worked as Head of Internal Audit of the Social Nets Unit in the Office of the Prime Minister of Niger. He has also conducted several audit and financial control missions on behalf of several private sector companies and donors such as the World Bank. Hachimou holds a DESS obtained at the Abdou Moumouni University in Niamey, where he graduated from his promotion. Visit his Linkedin page
Mouhamed Niandou BARRY,
Administrative and Legal Director
Mouhamed is a graduate of the University of Arkansas and holds a Master's Degree in Economic & Community Development. He is fluent in English and a member of the National Scholars Honor Society (USA).
Mouhamed was one of the youngest technical advisers to President Issoufou Mahamadou.
He worked at the Trade and Private Sector Unit of the Presidency of the Republic of Niger for three years before assuming the position of HR Manager at SOPAMIN in 2014. Visit his Linkedin page